Stand on your toes ballerina. In the audience, on tiptoe dance,p90 plan relaxed and happy. The actress feet the pink toeshoe is so elegant and beautiful, let a person remember this is a noble art. But, in fact, very difficult to dance with the toe. If you uncover secret ballet ballet shoes, it seems that the mystery will cease to exist. Those who devote themselves to the ballet art, explore its mysteries of the people are not willing to take the secret to the public.p90 diet Even when you jumptoe fracture, actress promise not disabled. Russian famous "gelishenke" production company, ballet shoes from Africa to Mexico, is popular in more than30 countries. Ballet shoes with toe production corset fabric, such as satinstitched. Gelishenke "expert conclusion, ballet shoes best colour - peach skin color, neither stimulate the audience, and to soothe the actress herself, rather than the usual in many countries that - - pink ballet shoes. Can bear huge load can withstand with football shoes put on a par with the critical load,p90 online the toe. Theshoe is not only soft, but also has the quite big safety coefficient. The biggestsecret ballet shoes toe is the actress to tiptoe dance "shoebox". " Shoebox"hidden in the toe. Shoe box "is actually a rigidly, entangle the toes and part offoot." Shoebox "instead of wood, cork, plastic and other materials, and iscomposed of six layers of the most ordinary Gunny cloth or other textilebonding." The company has specialized technical gelishenke "adhesive, let toe is neither too hard, not too soft, not easy to be broken. The shoe sewing by hand, and then together with the rest of the" shoebox "inside out with shoes sewn together. After that, the shoemaker to toe turned back, with a small hammer "shoebox" get ride. When no rough place, let the shoes up erect in a hard object,have a look whether maintain balance. Finally, let the shoe airing at 50 degrees centigrade, stored at room temperature. A pair of ballet shoes ready! A pair ofballet shoes short life was regrettable: star in 2 - 3 times. " Gelishenke "shoeswas recorded solos for Terry Nadezhda Gracio Genji cooperative theatre, ballet"Quixote "jumped 9 games in order to adapt to different height of the instep, balletshoes with a total of 3 types:" wajianuowa "Tower",, "Ellie" Fouette ".

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